Saturday, November 18, 2017

GoFundMe update!

Humbled.  That's the only word I have to express how I feel about the outpouring of love and generosity from our family and friends.  I have no words that adequately expresses how thankful we are for each of you.  Thank you for taking this journey with us!

We've been getting a lot of questions about when we are going to do invitro and where we are with the fundraiser so I thought we should do a little update.  Our tentative goal is we are hoping to raise as much money as we can to do IVF and we have about 1/2 of our goal! That's AMAZING!  Our current plan is to hopefully be doing a cycle in February, March or April.  (EEK!)

We received some terrible news a few weeks ago that our fertility doctor suddenly passed away.  Please keep his family in your prayers.  He was an awesome man and left behind his wife and several children.  Most of them are older, but I know they are devastated by this loss.  So this also leaves us sad as we are not able to have Dr. B help us this time around.  We are planning on meeting the doctor that took over his patients soon as well as interview a few others.  I don't like the idea of starting over at a new place, but we will see where God leads us.

It is strange to think we will be giving this a try again soon.  It's also scary and I'm trying to walk the balance between faith and fear.  I know God has a plan.  I feel a bit weary if I'm honest that Asher is 4 1/2 and we are still waiting and trying and praying.  I know God has a plan, but some days it's just frustrating.  Please keep praying for us (mostly me) to renew my mind about believing God for what He has for us.  I do believe we have more children coming, but the waiting, the waring, the trusting is exhausting sometimes.

As we wait we pray you have an amazing holiday season.  May God bless you with His presence.  May He find favor in your house.  May He bless those you encounter in the everydayness of life.  And we pray His kingdom come no matter where we find ourselves this season.

Love to you all...


Friday, September 08, 2017

Life in 2017

Tick tock...tick tock...tick tock...

The story of my life revolving around time.

Since I've had Asher, my time has been divided into small increments:
10 min for showering.
15 min to make breakfast and get Asher up.
20 min drive Asher to daycare/preschool.
30 min drive to work.
4 hours work.
30 min drive home.
3 1/2 hours more work.
30 min make dinner.
1 hour play with Asher.
30 min bath time.
30 min book reading and prayers.
1 hour to recuperate and get ready for the next day.
Over and over and over.

This year has been a season of learning, change, digging in deep, adjusting, starting over, mourning, cleaning up, forgetting and success.  At the beginning of the year I listened to a lesson that talked about how we need to take risks this year because the circumstances in life are unusual.  Meaning, so many strange things have happened in the world (Donald Trump, Brexit, crazy hurricanes and many unusual sports upsets) that possibly through all of this brokenness and unexpectedness God is setting us up for something amazing.

As soon as I heard that lesson, a series of events began to unfold in my life to push us to exhaustion and carry us farther from the goals we made in January. We had financial goals, then we had a plumbing issue that took most of our savings and caused us to use credit. Then work got crazy. Deadlines and pressure became a way of life for awhile as new programs were starting and new processes were being created and new people were being hired. Family issues. We were needing to step in to help take care of family members which resulted in many weekends away (most of the summer).  All of that has been emotionally and physically exhausting. But you don't stop, right? I mean, I could look at the past 9 months and dwell on how hard they have been and wonder why and how and if we could have done anything differently. Or we can accept what is done and move on to what is ahead trusting that the GREAT REDEEMER will do just that - REDEEM.

I'm not meaning to write about our position to get pity. I'm just expressing the pressing in and pressing on top of us that we've felt this year. It feels relentless. It feels impossible to cure. But I'm constantly reminded of God's willingness to step in to these types of situations and do something amazing.

One of our goals Drew and I talked about on our way home from Christmas last year was our family. We have always wanted more kids. We've waited again knowing that God's timing is good, and perfect, and right.  But we are still waiting.  We discussed the options that we feel like we have right now. Each option seems complicated and so we prayed and asked God which path we should walk. Although they are all scary, one gave us more peace so that's the path we are going to walk. We've decided to do in-vitro fertilization again. I realize all the questions that come with this decision, but again, this is the one where we feel the most peace, so here we go. We've also realized a few things about this decision.

1. I'm getting older every second.
2. It might not work.
3. It's expensive and we can't do it alone.

I've had several friends tell me we should do a Go-Fund Me to raise money for the procedure. My response is always, "who would give money to something that only has less than a 3% chance of working?".  In walks my cousin, Kate.  She's amazing.  I caught word that she was doing IVF and I started praying for their journey right away. She and her husband decided to do a Go-Fund Me and without thinking we donated.  I was like, "Of course we would donate to this!", and God just looked at me and smirked. You didn't know He could smirk? Well, He does it to me ALL the time. Cuz I'm pretty hard headed and self focused and so I've decided to let go. We are praying that God will provide and that He will send people to us to help with that. God is a big god.  No matter what the result, I will at least know we did what we felt led to do. And honestly, that's all that matters.

So here we are at the top of September hoping we would be doing treatments soon, and maybe we will. But God has to open those doors for us. I am believing Him to fill the bedrooms in our home with the children He desires us to have. No matter where this journey leads, we are walking it as fast or slow as He calls.

And so we ask you to prayerfully join us in this adventure.  Please ask God to give us strength, direction and wisdom as we fight to complete our family.  If you feel led to help us financially I believe God will bless that as well.  I have come to realize we can't do life alone. In each season we need one another through life's ups and downs.  I know God is good.  I know He has a plan.  I know He is smiling on our efforts and I know He's willing to meet us as we take another step towards Him.

If you would like to read more about the Go-Fund-Me please click this link:

Here we go!

D, K and A

Sunday, February 07, 2016

What's another 2 weeks?

It's Sunday, already almost one week down.  Drew's parents are here this weekend to celebrate Aunt Dorothy's birthday.  Even though the most exciting thing that happened was getting the car washed (besides the party), I'm so thankful they are here.  Having things to do is a good distraction for me.  And Aunt Dorothy's party last night was super fun.

I wanted to catch everyone up on what happened last week.  It's so cool how God shows up.

I went in on Monday for an ultrasound.  I had 2 good sized follicles and a couple of smaller ones, meaning I should have at least 2 good eggs to release.  So they told me to go home and take the HCG trigger shot.  Drew came home early to give it to me and that began our crazy work week.  We went in the next morning for our first IUI.  For whatever reason the wait was long that morning.  Drew finally was able to have his appointment and then we waited again.  During that time, they take the sperm sample and "washing" it.  They do a clean wash on them meaning they spin the specimen and get out all the extra fluids so what's left are the very best sperm.  They usually then take a sample of that and look at it under a microscope.  This is how they determine how many sperm are in the count, the mobility etc.  So at this dr. office they allow us to go back in the lab and look at that sample.  So on Tuesday they came out to get us when it was ready.  The technician said, "I'm excited to show you this.  Most couples wouldn't understand this, but I think you guys will think it's cool".   So she let us look at the sample, (which is always AMAZING) but this time when she created the sample, an air bubble got caught in it.  When I looked in the microscope I saw very excited sperm trying to get into the air bubble!  This is super cool because it means they thought that bubble was an egg and they were really to try to get into it!  I can't express what it did for my soul to see that.  One of my biggest fears is that the sperm don't know what to do when they get to the egg.  But God showed me DIRECTLY that they know exactly what they are doing.  They are doing what God created them to do! It was a huge blessing.  So we did the IUI and then I went home to rest and do a little work.

We decided to do 2 IUI's so we went in Wednesday morning for our second one.  I wasn't feeling too confident that it would actually happen because our numbers were a bit low on Tuesday and the second sample is always much lower than the first.  So Drew's appointment arrived and then we waited for the wash to finish.  The technician wasn't there that day, so the head nurse did the wash instead.  She came to get us and said, "I want to show you something.  As I was washing your sperm I was praying, 'Please God, let this be a good sample, please God let it be good for them', then I put the sample under the microscope and look what I saw! I think it's a better sample then yesterday!" WHAT?!?!?  When we looked we saw several sperm swimming like crazy! They were full of energy and ready to go! Ok - lets talk medical personnel these days. ... seriously though, when have I EVER known a doctor or a nurse to tell me they were PRAYING over us???  And not only that, but praying over the very sperm that will be used by God to create! I was totally humbled and in awe of what God was doing.  We did the second IUI full of hope and expectation.  God is so good!

So again, we are now in our waiting field.  But, most of what we do is wait.  It has for sure been a theme in my life.  Waiting, pursuing, achieving, waiting, more waiting...But that's ok.  Cuz I know I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be.

This week Drew goes to California for his last residential.  He has to defend his concept paper for his dissertation.  Please keep him in your prayers as he's pretty nervous! I know he will do great.  God made him for this moment.  I'm so proud of him! Asher and I will be going to Grand Rapids to spend time with Papa and Lala.  I love going over there as it feels like vacation to me. :)  I only wish Drew would be with us as we will be ending the 2 week wait and I'm sure that's about the time I will be nervous.  One of the things that my nurse changed this time around is she's having me take progesterone during the 2 week wait.  She wanted to make sure my levels were good etc. but the only negative aspect of that is if we were to test for pregnancy we could get a false positive.  So now I will for certain not be able to take a home test.  We will have to wait to see what the blood test shows.  I'm not sure when I will be making that appointment.  For now, I"m just taking it one day at a time.  Either way, I know God is good and He has our best interest in mind.  He knows what He's doing.

Thank you for your continued prayers for our journey to family!  We are a bit weary, but also excited to see what God has in store for us.  9 days to go!

Friday, January 29, 2016

3 days...

It's strange to write a blog post about the same thing over and over again, but I guess that's what the persistent widow felt like.  Constantly petitioning God for her hearts desire.  Hoping in expectation that He would not only hear her, but agree that the time has come.  I want His time.  His Kingdom.  I want to be on His path. Have His heart.  This month has been a hard one. 

2 weeks ago we discovered that a friend of mine is missing.  Like, she was there, and then she wasn't.  Sierra Shields lived underneath us when we first moved into our apartment.  She's really a friend of a lot of my friends, but the thing about her is, if you meet her, you're her friend.  She's kind and loving and wonderfully full of God's grace.  She has a heart for the lost and hungry and lonely and afraid.  Which is why this "case" is so challenging.  She seemed off one morning and she went to work, quit her job as a flight attendant and then walked out of the airport never to be seen again.  I don't understand how that is possible these days.  In a world of camera's everywhere SOMEONE must have seen her.  They must have taken a selfie with her in the background and they just don't see it yet.  Someone must know where she is.  Even though I was never close to her, it hit me really hard that she's missing.  I can't imagine (nor do I ever want to - family and friends be listening) going through something like that.  And the worst part is we can't do anything about it.  We just keep praying and sharing her info with people in hopes that someone will come forward with information.  God bless her wherever she may be.  And let her come back quickly. 

This week our beloved bunny Ajax passed away.  Ajax and I have had a love/hate relationship.  He was super cute and I loved him, yet taking care of him was always difficult for us since we traveled so much.  And, honestly, he needed a lot of attention that many times we couldn't give him.  So then I felt guilty for not playing with him as much as we should etc.  We tried finding a better home for him several times, but I guess he was meant to stay with us.  I woke up  2 nights ago to a loud noise which was Ajax thumping out of his cage after going to the bathroom.  I literally gasped as I sat up in bed.  Drew woke as well and told me it was just Ajax and to go back to sleep.  But then Drew got out of bed.  We hear that thumping noise all the time, so I'm not sure why Drew thought to check on Ajax that night, but I'm glad he did.  Ajax's breathing was shallow and I asked Drew what was going on and he said, "I think he's dying".  Drew held him while he took his last breaths.  Then I cried.  And cried.  And cried. So hard.  Like the ugly face cry.  I couldn't stop and even after it was all over I couldn't fall asleep.  It was so sad.  Granted, I don't deal well with change and I certainly hate when a living thing dies.  Especially when he was a part of the family.  So this week we lay him to rest in our gracious families back yard.  So much sickness and struggle and death this month.  Those are just a few things, there are many, many more. 

A glimmer of hope. 

In the midst of darkness...but God.  

We were not supposed to do a fertility cycle this month, but the opportunity came and we decided to jump in.  We started our meds last week and shots this week and are thinking the IUI will be either Monday or Tuesday.  My appointment this morning showed I'm not yet ovulating, but they aren't sure when I'm going to.  So I'm praying I don't ovulate over the weekend so we don't miss our window.  It's kind of an expensive window. And our last expensive window. So please join us in prayer that God's timing is perfect.  I'm really praying that God moves.  That He brings a baby in the midst of a storm.  That redemption can be just around the corner.  In Asher's bible that we read together the last story says this: 

When Jesus died, his followers felt sad and all alone.
They placed his body in a tomb and closed it with a stone.
On Sunday several women came; The stone was rolled away!
"He is risen," the angel said, On that very first Easter Day!

And after reading it I sing to him: 

On Friday night they crucified the Lord at Calvary
But He said don't fret because in three days I'm gonna live again, you're gonna see
So when problems try to bury you (6 feet deep) and make it hard for you to pray
May seem like that Friday night, but Sunday's on the way  - Take 6

Asher really, really, really, likes it when I sing that.  He won't even read any other story now, he wants to hear the song.  To be honestly, I want to hear the song too.  I want to know that when problems start to bury us, and they make it so hard to know what or how to pray, I have to remember that it may seem like that Friday night or in my daily life, or every hour....but Sunday, the day of REDEMPTION, the day full of LIFE, the day of HOPE FULFILLED, the day of LAUGHTER, the day of RIGHTEOUSNESS, the day where it all makes sense and HIS presence is DEEPLY known and felt...THAT Sunday is on the way.....

Friday, October 30, 2015

Millions of Prayers

I'm sitting on my couch feeling incredibly blessed.  We had our second appointment today and this month we were able to do both IUI's.  I thought we would though, last month was weird.  So the bottom line is we have 1.5 million chances to conceive with 4 really really good eggs.  :) That's a good thing!  This is the most we've ever had so we are feeling good about that.  Now we pray that the sperm can swim the 6 inches to find the eggs that are waiting for them.  And we wait 2 weeks as ovulation takes place and hopefully embryo's are created and embedded.

Here's Drew checking out our best swimmers!

there are microscopic sperm in there! 


I know several of you were asking the difference between InVitro (the procedure we did last time to get Asher) and IUI (the procedure with are doing this time.  Well, the biggest difference is the price, IVF is over $10,000 and IUI is more between $200-700 depending on the drugs we use.  The technical differences are:

IVF - the woman takes meds to increase eggs and egg quality and then those eggs are REMOVED and placed in a dish.  The sperm sample is then placed in that same dish and 2 things can happen.  They either allow the sperm to work their way into the eggs, OR they take one sperm and they inject them into the egg (to ensure fertilization).  Then they allow the embroys to grow for 3-5 days.  Once they are at a certain cell stage, 3 embroys are placed back into the uterus in hopes that they attach to the wall.  Then, voila - a baby!

IUI - the woman takes meds to increase eggs and egg quality and then a shot is taken to start ovulation.  The next day a sperm sample is given and spun and the best sperm are collected and inserted into the uterus in hopes that they can swim and find the egg, enter the egg and then create an embryo.  Then we hope it implants and viola - a baby!

In both cases egg increase and quality betters our chances and in both cases there's much prayer. Also in both there is a wait of 2 weeks after the procedure to find out if it worked.  That is by far the worst of it.

Here are a couple of videos that I found that explain what has to happen in order for pregnancy to occur.  After watching these you will 1. believe in God and 2. wonder how anyone gets pregnant.

Praying for this to happen:

This is the entire process without fertility assistance.  Ours were inserted into the uterus so we skipped the first section of this video:

(you have to go to youtube. sorry, this video wouldn't let me embed it)

These videos are amazing.  Conception really is an unbelievable thing.

It's hard as it's been a long week of work and scheduling and fighting and longing.  As I sit here and write I feel exhausted.  Asher just went down for a nap and I will too shortly.  We have a fun but busy weekend and I hope for the next 2 weeks I can just shut off my brain.  I honestly feel more depressed than I have in a long time.  Mostly because this process is frustrating and I feel like I have to settle my brain in the chance that Asher might be an only child.  I never wanted that, and I know that if that is what happens, it will be ok.  I guess it's just hard when your childhood dreams come to an end.  It's sad, because most movies don't end this way.  Life isn't a hallmark movie.

A good man from our church died last night.  He was an icon at our church.  He was always smiling and dancing in the isle and everyone who goes there knows who he is.  He was full of life and passion and drive.  He was funny and frisky in love with his wife.  He prayed like he meant it and believed as if it was.  He was one of the most amazing examples of a Jesus lover that I've ever seen.  I know I looked up to him, and I know many others did too. I know he's still dancing, but I will miss him and will be forever grateful for his example in my life.

I also found out my Aunt Deloris died yesterday.  She was my mom's aunt so I wasn't super close to her. But knowing that my mom was close to her makes me sad.  She was the one great aunt that we would visit when I was young.  She was always so kind and although I didn't know her well, it takes my breath away a little bit when I remember how quickly life is going.

It's so strange to know that while life is leaving this earth, Drew and I are trying to bring it.  The beginning and the end.  The seasons speak to this well.  My dr. said an unusual amount of women are ovulating this halloween weekend, so the office was very busy this morning.  It's interesting how many things there are that we don't understand about life.  Knowing there is an almighty God who is ALL knowing, ALL righteous and ALL loving is what I cling to.  So we press on into the next 2 weeks mustering all the hope I can.  Knowing that all the odds are against us.  And believing that God is able.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Round 2 - ding!

It's Tuesday and I've been taking injections for the IUI since last Friday.  I took my first injection and then went on an all night trip with 900 jr. high students.  All night meaning, stay up all night. .  . FUN! (it really was fun).  My pills ran out on schedule a few days ago, so it's just one more shot tonight and then I'm done with those.  Maybe forever?

I had an early ultrasound this morning to find out when and if we were doing a treatment this month. Today is day 10.  Meaning the 10th day of my cycle.  So I figured if we DID do a cycle this month, we would inseminate this week sometime.  And we are!

Dr. B said everything looks great! Ok - what he actually said was, "I'm really pleased with what I see.  It looks great for, dare I say...someone your age?".  WHATEVER! But I guess I know what he means.  So that being said, we are moving forward with our treatment this week.  Thursday and Friday morning we will be getting inseminated.

I'm having a hard time not feeling depressed a little.  I mean, it's SO hard to come off of a failed IUI or a failed anything and jump right back in to try again.  I think it wouldn't have been that bad, but I really thought last months was going to work.  Maybe I was naive, but it seemed like the stars were aligning.  I don't ever question God or His ways.  I don't claim to know anything close to what He knows.  I don't even ask to understand sometimes because I know that's impossible.  I just try to find my place of contentment and peace so I can move forward.  I don't deal well with change.  I need time to process to think things through.  But I'm 43 and I don't have time.  I've never had time when its come to this subject.  So - here we are, trying again.  I believe God.  I believe what He says is true.  I know He has more for us.

As I sit and play with Asher I just marvel at the fact that he is ours.  I just can't believe it.  I know it will be equally as hard to believe when God does it again.

It's personal.  It's deep.  It's intertwined into my dna.  This love and yearning to fill a gap that still lays open.  Ah yes, Asher has filled some of it, but there's more.  I walk the balance again of Hope and disappointment.  Don't Hope too much.  Don't ignore Hope too much.  I wish there was a magic pill or combination that makes all things possible.  But that is like asking God "why" about any subject. That question will not be answered.  My energy is better used somewhere else.  Some days I feel so selfish.

Did I mention that my dr. told me he once took out 62 eggs out of a woman who was 40! SIXTY TWO! She did IVF and all 3 of her embryos implanted.  She only ended up having twins.  And then a few years later she got a divorce.  She's now remarried and still has 18 frozen embryos.  He said that was a long time ago.  But it's strange how each story is so different.  So unique.  So crazy.  Seriously, that's crazy.

Anyway, this post is a bit random, but that's kinda how my brain is right now.  Random things keep popping in my head.  I even forgot to make the appointment for this morning which is why my appointment was at 6:15am.  No, that's not a typo.  So here's praying to a successful transfer this week and to an even more successful implantation next week.

Chin up! Eyes focused! We will prevail! Thank you for praying and walking with us.  I will keep you updated!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Try, try again

One good or bad thing about this fertility game is you don't have much time to think about how you feel cuz you're right at the beginning of a new cycle.  New cycle.  New Hope.  New Day.  

I went in this morning for an ultrasound to start the next cycle.  Everything looks great! She found 7 follicles on one side and 2 on the other.  That's pretty good for me.  Last month was 6 and 6.  August was 2 and 2 (not so good).  She said every month the numbers vary.  The body is amazing.  She saw my cyst and said she had a few when she was younger as well.  She told me they are actually genetic and inherited (which I didn't know).  Then she said, (without missing a beat and stated matter of factly) "When you have your daughter, make sure you get her tested when she's old enough".  "Um...I will", I said.  I'm not sure what she said after that cuz, um, WHAT?  Here we go....

I start my normal meds tonight to help produce as many eggs as we can.  We decided to get more aggressive with our treatment this round and we will be taking injectables to help the eggs grow as well.  Last month we only had 1 mature egg out of 12.  Injectables help with that.  The shots start on Friday.  

I have a head cold so I feel a bit out of it the past 2 days, and although I'm sad, I'm feeling my strength resurface as we move forward to this next round.  I told Drew I remember the first IUI we did 5 years ago and when that failed I almost didn't care about the next one.  I had no hope at all. And that one failed too.  I want to have Hope.  I want to believe that even though God didn't, God could this time.  I know that's possible.  I know His timing is perfect.  So one day at a time we move forward.  Believing.  

Day 1 - start of period
Day 3 - ultrasound to make sure everything looks ok.  Start meds. 
Day 6 - start injectables.
Day 10 - another ultrasound check up
Day 11-14 Possible HGC shot to start ovulation
Day 15ish - IUI
Day 16 - be tortured for 2 weeks.